Property Brochures

We create the finest property brochures for the residential & commercial markets.

3D Visualisation & Design

At Pixelo Building we create inspired 3D Visuals to help your market your property

Visualise your development

We create stunning 3D street scapes to help visualise & sell your new development.

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We have what it takes to make your property development project skyrocket to success. PixeloBuilding offers strategic and innovative Property Brochure Design for your property marketing. A novel and out of the box marketing concept is what gives your brand the edge over others. We ensure that the property brochures produced by us are customized as per your specific property needs. We focus on developing high quality and awe-inspiring visuals, only after thorough consultation with our clients, to make it stand out among other estate agents brochure.

The team of enthusiastic designer sat PixeloBuilding are ever ready to delve deeper into the project and sleek and creatively designed property brochure that is sure impress. We create custom made one of a kind designs to suit your development & business needs. In addition to producing fascinating commercial and residential property development brochure, we engage in creating and delivering eye catching site hoardings, websites and other promotional materials for your new development projects.

3D Visualisation

At Pixelo Building we create inspired 3D Visuals to help your market your property.

Project Branding

We build strong brands to help you connect with your target demographic.

Property Websites

We create unique, one off websites to boost enquires and sales of your development.


How To Market Property

Before your development is even built you can be making quality impressions on people with our 3D Visuals.

Property Marketing Agency

Allow prospective clients to see the big picture of your entire development with our luxury 3D site maps.

Property Marketing Services

Give your development a brand of it’s own with our tailor made logos, created specifically¬†for your new build.

Property Brochures

Selling a new development requires a glossy new brochure. We create custom made property brochures, top notch designs guaranteed to help sell your properties.

Property Web Design

Your new build needs a swanky new website to help get the enquiries pouring in. We build top notch responsive websites to bring in the leads.

Photorealistic Rendering

With our stunning 3D Visuals, your prospective clients will be blown away with how good your development looks.